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These'll be real quick, since I'm tired and the details are quickly fading.

"Transformers: Dark of the Moon" was beyond spectacular as a closer to the Michael Bay-directed trilogy. The human element finally seemed to take more of a back seat, even if it was still about half-way through the final movie to do so. The scales of the climax were incredible, pretty much leveling Chicago in the process. Shockwave's Driller was terrifying, Sentinel Prime's true colors were almost unbelievable, and the results of the final battle are breath-taking.
Sure, DOTM probably has that most CG of any blockbuster since "Avatar", but that doesn't mean it was bad by any means.

More recently...

"Captain America" easily surpasses "Thor" as this year's best Marvel movie. It's more action-oriented overall (being set in the middle of WW2), and is more emotionally engaging, since anyone who knows of the good Captain should also already know the general story of how he eventually joins the Avengers. Still, it's very bittersweet, but overall in a good way.

I highly recommend both, if you haven't seen them already.

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